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Staff integration is one of the most important and most effective methods of improving the efficiency of a modern company, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the proposals of leisure activities for groups staying at our resort. Working with coaches with team-building experience in this type of event is a guarantee for a successful play of the whole team.





80 zł/person

The price includes:
200 bullets
the necessary equipment and uniforms
We will prepare a very interesting scenario with elements of competition




Quad Expedition

300 PLN / head / hour

The price includes:
Trip through the mountains trail
quads Yamaha and Honda have a minimum capacity of 450cm



Marsze survivalowe

Survival Marches

3000 PL / group (up to 30 people)

The price includes:
Organization of a march with the use of navigational equipment
(map, compass, GPS, etc.)
structured scenario for each trip
with numerous attractions including the pyrotechnic




Shooting Range

350 PLN / position

The price includes:
Shooting with a bow (trochlear bow) without limitation of shots or users
Shooting with a long gun (shotgun) without limitation of shots or users

Shooting Range with air gun (short) in the price of 2 magazines per person (36 shots)
A high-end windbreaker and interesting shooting galleries



Gry i zabawy na wesoło

Games and fun for fun

450 PLN/fun

tug of war
relay in the "filcoki"
throw an egg in pairs
Summer biathlon on Indian ski
cut tree logs
riding a quad bike blindfolded with prompting
bonnet throw
filling pipe with holes with water

Our proposal would be to introduce an element of rivalry. The group is divided into four teams by 17-18 people. 2 teams play paintball while two more are involved in other competitions. In the middle of the time there is a change and a rematch. All events are then scored and of course the winner will be rewarded with a commemorative cup.




SPA Package 30 - 150.00 PLN day (for groups of up to 30 people)
SPA Package 60 - 300,00 PLN day (for groups of up to 60 people)


SPA Package includes:

1) Use of the attractions of the hotel spa
  dry sauna
  showers with water jets and rain head
2) Discount of 5% on all beauty services and massage in the hotel offers




The ideal way to spend a nice free time with friends with music, fun and delicious menu.

  • Fireplace or grill with roasted pork and a mountain musician
  • Disco with karaoke - offers professional musical and light
  • Sitting with highlanders in the seventeenth - century old tavern
  • Winter sleigh ride or bonfire and sausages



Theme Nights

A great adventure, which will for one evening take you back in time or to another place. Theme Nights are ideal for groups eager unusual sensations.

  • Round the World
  • EVENING in Venice
  • Russian Evening
  • YEARS 20, 70, 80
  • CARNIVAL masks




  • exotic dancing
  • fakir
  • dance
  • magician
  • fire eaters
  • fitness
  • hairdressing
  • Make-up
  • cartoonist
  • bartender show
  • body painting
  • gymnastic
  • martial arts




Zywiec Beskid has a lot of interesting places to visit and see.

  • Visiting the Museum of Brewery in Zywiec - production halls, beer tasting
  • Visiting the Castle of Hapsburg in Zywiec
  • Check out the Zywiec Lake
  • Integration activities at Mount Zar (rope, zorbing, paintball, shooting. Quads, gliding, paragliding
  • Ski Holidays in Korbielow – ski extracts on Pilsko (about 10 km. From the resort)
  • Nordic Walking a walk on the largest natural waterfall in the Beskid in Sopotna Wielka



Beskidy Loop

  • Koczy Castle viewpoint
  • Koniakow - beautiful laces and storytellers
  • Cottage Kawuloka
  • Church in Istebna of 1793
  • tripoint
  • Centre for Environmental Education
  • Pass Kubalonka
  • The route to Czerniańskie Lake
  • Vistula-gallery of trophies Adam Malysz, market, ski jump hill named after Adam Malysz (K120)
  • Ustron - chair lift to Czantoria
  • Pass back through Salmopolską and Szczyrk to Jeleśnia



Slovakia – Demänovská Valley

  • Orava Castle
  • Cave of Ice and Cave of Freedom
  • Oravice, we recommend: Besenova or Tatralandia
  • Orava lake and Tvrdosin



Walking tour in the mountains (all day)

  • Pilsko oe Rysianka
  • Miziowa Hall
  • Korbielow