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Jelesnia Municipality (shire) is the perfect place for winter sports.

Pilska Mountain belongs to the most attractive ski resorts in the country, where the ski season often lasts until the first days of May.



In summer the region offers scenic hiking trails that run by wildlife reserves and mountain peaks of Pilsko, Rysianka and Romanka. The area can also engage in cycling (a total of 12 cycling routes of varying difficulty and a total length of 140km), or horse riding (in Korbielów is one of the largest Hucul stud farm.

Tourist curiosities are also natural caves in the Sopotna Wielka and on tha Czarna Gron. There is also unique in this part of Beskid Mountains waterfall in the Sopotnia Wielka. Slovakia, with bordering with Korbielow, creates favorable conditions for the use of its advantages. These are: bathing in hot springs (eg Oravice-65km, Besenova-80km.), Sunbathing on the side of the lake Oravskim in Namestowie, a boat trip to the bird reserve on the island of Lake Oravský (30km), visit a castle Oravský (60km. from the object), Demianovskiej cave tours.