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Visiting the Museum of Brewery Zywiec, production halls, a beer tasting
Visiting the Castle of Hapsburg in Zywiec
Check out the Lake Zywieckie
Integration activities at Mount Zar (rope park, zorbing, paintball, shooting. Quads, gliding, paragliding
Ski Holidays in Korbielow - ski lifts on Pilsko (about 10 km. from the resort)
Nordic Walking a walk on the largest natural waterfall in the Beskid Sopotni Great



Beskid Loop


Koczy Castle viewpoint
Koniakow, laces  show and regional storytellers
Kawuloka  Cottage
Church in Istebna from 1793.
Centre for Environmental Education
Kubalonka Pass
The route to Lake Czerniańskie
Wisla - gallery of trophies of A. Malysz, White Adam, the market, ski jumping hill of A.Małysz K 120, visiting the castle in the Vistula Presidential Black
  Ustroń - chair lift to Czantoria
  Back through the pass and Szczyrk Salmopolską to Jeleśnia.



Slovakia - Valley Dymianowska


Orava Castle
Demianowska Cave of Freedom or Cave of Ice
Oravice – we recommend Besenova or Taterlandie
Orava lake and Tvrdosin
Thermal Park-3.00 pm. - 16.50 Euro per person



Walking tour in the mountains (all day)


Pilsko or Rysianka
Miziowa Hall