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Health, Relaxation, Beauty, Weight Loss



Welcome to the world of pleasure for the body and senses!

SPA & Wellness in Conference and Recreation Center "Vesta" is a place where you leave behind the stress and problems of everyday life. Oasis in the heart of Jelesnia. Professional approach to care is a guarantee that in a modern and elegant setting we offer something for everyone.

Appropriate treatment can help relax your tired body and soothe the senses. Our SPA services allows to ensure not only about appropriate condition the whole body (moisturizing, nourishing and firming the skin), but also the mind (relaxation, de-stress, agitation, or sedation).

Take care of your condition in the gym with professional equipment ie treadmill, bike, orbitreki, atlas weight training in various parts of the muscle, and - for those tired action offer refreshing dry sauna, steam bath, showers with water jets, therapeutic massage in the spa bath, or relax in the hot rays of our solarium. Supplement offers recreational services are massages and beauty treatments.






SPA bath with whirlpool SPA - Saunus Per Aquam, meaning "health through water".

Woda dla ciała jest tym, czym marzenia dla duszy - może ukoić i relaksować lub pobudzić do aktywności, stymulować do działania.

Water for the body is what dreams for the soul - it can soothe and relax or stimulate activity, stimulate to action.
In our Spa & Wellness Center you can relax and recharge with therapeutic massage in the spa tub, which was designed for 6 people. Bath is equipped with seven different types of nozzles from Motomasażu with cervical jets, submarines whips up to a foot massage.

The types of hydromassage in a tub Spa:



Motomasaż is a rotating nozzle that moves in a vertical plane along the back. The stream of water flowing from the nozzle under pressure provides massage of the spine.



This type of massage in which the fluid motion of water jet massages the entire length of the spine, relaxing muscles and relieving the joints.


2 Soothing Seven ® Jet / multi-jets

Two unique nozzles, which produce seven strong streams of water, are mainly designed to massage the arms and shoulder muscles. Rotate the outer ring of the nozzle in the direction clockwise increases the power of massage, in the opposite direction - decreases.


JET STREAM ® 2 / whip underwater

A strong stream of massaging the back muscles group, the lower and upper parts, depending on location.



- There are two types of nozzles:

  • Rotary Nozzles - Jet ROTARY - with rotating nozzles flowing stream of water in V-shaped, which causes a pulsating massage and whirlpool.
  • Directional Jets - Directional Jet - are single nozzles with adjustable stream of water, give an immediate effect on the user-selected location


14 PRECISION® Jet / Nozzle point

Fourteen point nozzles, which are located in different places of the bath. Flowing stream of water covers the largest area of ​​the back. Massage jets in this system is a gentle, deeply penetrates the muscle tissue and is similar to the classic manual massage. Four of these nozzles are placed over the Moto Massage in and constitute a supplement to the cervical spine and shoulder girdle.



After a long day is a great relaxation massage using two nozzles arranged on the sidewall and bottom of the basin of the bath.

The water in our Tub Spa is always crystal clear and fresh.


Water cleaning system consists of three key elements:

  • constant 24-hour full-filtration,
  • ozonation system, water,
  • the use of silver ions.

Showers round:

  • Cabin 1: the hot and cold water: hand shower with thermostat, power shower, spout wave
  • Cabin 2: the hot and cold water: hand shower with thermostat, Kneipp hose with valve head on the ceiling rain






The steam bath is a great form of relaxation which the Romans used. Mild temperatures (around 50 ° C) and very high humidity (100%) are a real massage for the body, reduce muscle tension and relax the mind. Stay in the cab is enhanced for you by heated seat, and, above all, an aromatic steam. It's relaxing for the body and senses.

Clouds of steam, penetrating the skin, thoroughly cleanse and regenerate it, improve blood circulation. Skin after the bath is exceptionally smooth and soft. Hot steam is particularly well received by people with respiratory diseases, rheumatic pains. So far no one invented a better way to clean and restore the body, than by the steam bath or sauna. It also allows for better absorption of cosmetic preparations.

Comfortable temperature in the bath allows the use of its benefits by those who do not take well the hot air saunas. Due to the prevailing conditions you can use of its regenerative qualities much longer than traditional saunas. One bath in the steam bath can stretch up to several minutes - in a traditional sauna takes no more than 15 minutes.

Steam bath is:

  • vasodilatation
  • ischemia of muscle and whole body
  • muscle relaxation
  • removal of harmful substances from the body
  • extension of the respiratory tract, with essential oils and water vapor
  • investment for the future, the way to a healthier life
  • the true fountain of youth for your body, mind and soul
  • possibility of acting out the daily fatigue, tension and stress
  • physical and psychological comfort
  • how to free themselves from everyday problems






Sauna room heated to 95 ° Celsius. Humidity in the room is about 10%. In the sauna, you can spend a few minutes, then cool down in the water. The cycle should be repeated 2-3 times.

What gives the Sauna:

  • sauna detoxifies us from harmful toxins and purifies the body,
  • resistance increase,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • sets you in the good mood, relaxes
  • Finally – weight loss (during one stay in the sauna, we lose about 300 calories - as much after running 4 km).

The load of circulation in the sauna corresponds to burden by light physical work. Sauna causes the heart muscle workout, which is beneficial to it. Some specialists’ belives, that sauna is equali benevolent for our heart, as regular physical training.

Swiss doctors have proposed to use the sauna for the treatment of patients with hypertension. The above-mentioned thermal exercises are important to the blood vessels. Just after 15 treatments in the sauna, in most cases the blood pressure returns to normal. Stimulation of blood circulation - and that is exactly what happens when you use the sauna - resulting in better nutrition and cleansing the body's cells.

For the physically active and for those who want to improve the condition, there are waining two well-equipped fitness room.

Session in the solarium improves our mood. In our climate, you often feel the lack of sunlight, even a few minutes in the light of the artificial sun can improve mood, and certainly with golden skin we are more attractive. A few minutes in the light of the sun stimulates the production of artificial happiness hormones - endorphins.